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Kung Fu



he is a certified 20th generation student of the CHEN family of TAI CHI CHUAN. He has received the 6th DAN from the Chinese Kung Fu Federation.

Sifou Vangelis Mytilenaios was born on 2 April 1964 in Spetses. He has been involved in sports from a very early age with the support of his father. At the age of 12 he began training in the gymnastics, taking part in various team sports and wet track athletics. In 1986 he received his diploma in physiotherapy and he is mainly involved in the treatment of sports injuries.

In 1991 he briefly interrupted his job seeking a Master to teach martial arts. After studying at various martial arts schools in Athens, he eventually found what he was looking for in 1993 in the face of Master Tang Tung Wing. So he became a faithful student and practiced many hours daily in Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu, Yang Tai Chi Chuan style and Chi Kung. In 1995 he took the Black Belt.
Tai Chi Chuan has many significant benefits to human health. Although it began as a martial art in China, it has adopted energy practices of traditional Chinese medicine along the way. TAI CHI CHUAN does not require an advanced level of fitness to work with. It treats the body as a whole that contains vital energy. TAI CHI CHUAN helps to get a relaxed and powerful body, good for your heart and cleanses your mind. It restores the calmness and sense of totality that is often lacking in our everyday life.

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